Ease and agility. 

The unprecedented integration with V-Ray allows for rendering and lighting to be an integral part of the form•Z design process, not just a final step. 

Powerful hybrid rendering 

You can render on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, CPUs — or a combination of both

Material library

Over 550 realistic physical based materials, such as glass, coated plastics or metals, wood, stone and etc

V-Ray Grass and fur

 – Realistic grass, fabrics and carpet now possible with V-Ray Fur.


With V-Ray’s new denoising technology, you can automatically eliminate noise and cut render times by up to 50%!

Live VR rendering

Render directamente a Oculus Rift o HTC. Vive con aceleración completamente por GPU. Visualice los cambios en sus headsets mientras se realizan en 3ds Max.